Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fun With Dick & Jane

I've been blogging for almost two months now and must say, I REALLY REALLY enjoy it! I especially like reading the blogs of quilters. I am beginning to feel as though several of these ladies are dear friends!! I'm still not quite sure of blogging etiquette. I am feeling my way. I am not a member of a blog ring (and am not really sure what a blog ring is LOL) and don't know if it is proper to jump in on the list (meme) things. I am going to respond to the ABCs meme and hope that this is okay!

Accent - Good ole midwestern drawl
Booze - Margaritas, on the rocks, no salt.
Chore I hate-Scrubbing toilets
Dog/cat - 2 cats, Rocky and Natasha
Essential electronics - Highspeed internet, dig cam, Bernina sewing machine, cable TV, cell phone
Favorite perfume - Can't wear it anymore
Gold/silver - yes, please!
Hometown - Kansas City, Missouri
Insomnia - often
Job title - retired teacher, current homemaker
Kid(s)- 2 grown sons
Living arrangements - a home in the suburbs
Most admirable traits - Patience and upbeat attitude
Number of countries visited - USA, Canada, and--in the fall, Italy
Overnight hospital stays - about 5
Phobias- Mice, deep water, and big boats
Quote - The only reason I have a kitchen is that it came with the house
Religion - Methodist
Siblings - Two sisters--one younger, one older
Time you usually wake - 5:00 Am (that's if I am sleeping in!!!)
Unusual talent - I can do a Farsi yell
Vegetable I refuse to eat - Brussels sprouts
Worst habit - Eating chocolate
X-rays - Dental
Yummy foods I make -Brisket of beef and baked beans
Zodiac - Sagittarius


anne bebbington said...

It's your blog - you can write whatever you want I would say and it's interesting to read about you - gosh I must be a real sleepy head - everyone else who's done this one gets up way earlier than me - what a waste of valuable quilting time I must be spending sleeping - nice getting to know you a little better :o)

Laura said...

Brisket and baked beans sound so good, I want to eat at your house!

Linda_J said...

You go right ahead and jump in! I bet Judy would make room for you in the stash quilts ring if you want to join. This helps us to get to you you better and I sure enjoy that part of blogging, don't you? I may do it later tonight or tomorrow since I have been doing drudgery type quilting tasks so far today.

I love that red bullseye--very striking. I bet once you get the snail's trail started in the monotonic blacks and grays that you will wish you could sneak in some of that red, yellow, turquoise or something!

Judy said...

Always good to know anyone better! It's fin to learn new things. Jump away, I think most of us are still feeling our way around here in blogland!

anne bebbington said...

If you're going to Italy in the autumn and get the chance DO go to Venice it is THE most magical place I've ever been to - we had a long weekend there two years ago in the Spring - it's fab!

joyce said...

I enjoyed reading all about you. I'm not sure though that eating chocolate is a bad habbit, more of an admirable trait to me. Lol.

Dawn said...

Happy to learn a bit more about you! And I"m glad your having fun with blogs!

LZ Blogger said...

Saw your post over at Susan's. Took a vacation in MO and ARK last week and could not believe the number of places just on the side of the road selling homemade quilts. I personally don't make them, but my wife loves making them.

Screen Door said...

You haven't posted in a couple of days. I hope all is well -- and if it's not, hope it gets better real quick!!!

Linda_J said...

Looks like you have the stash code right now so we'll wait to get you activated---yahoo!

Linda_J said...

Looks like you have the stash code right now so we'll wait to get you activated---yahoo!