Monday, March 31, 2008

Time To Sew

Sewing therapy...priceless.   The past few days I have managed to find some time to putter in the sewing room.   The top photo is the Madeira jelly roll strip quilt--all done done.   And it has a name!!   DH wanted "Life Has Its Ups and Downs"--way too long.   "Trip Trap"  (think three billy goats gruff)--too obscure.    So I settled on "Ups and Downs" in light of the dark horizontal strips pattern.  I hope to get a better picture at the guild show in June.   My longarmer gave a 20% discount if the quilt would be hung in the show (she wants to increase business) so in the show it will go  LOL!    The second photo is of two little throw pillows I stitched up, using two Mexican embroidery pieces I bought on the trip.   Of course, the bed needs LOTS more throw pillows.    Last photo is Circuit Rider BOMs.   This month's pattern is the lower right block, Spring Glory.   It was in the Star Magazine, buried among all the newspapers that had piled up during the trip.   Glad to have rescued it!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Hello, blogging friends!   I have missed you and am anxious to get caught up on all your quilty doings.   Since I last saw you, I traveled over 5,000 miles--whew!    DH and I have been to Tucson and Mexico.     I love, love, love Tucson.   This was our second visit there and I just adore how the city has a ring of mountains around it.    We took a tour to the northwest part of Mexico to see  Copper Canyon, San Carlos and the Sea of Cortez, the Spanish-inspired town of Alamos and some amazing ruins in Paquime.   We had some amazing food.   I have to say, though, that I was awfully glad to re-enter the US and felt a strong urge to get down and kiss the ground of America.

The first photo is of a gorgeous sunset we saw in San Carlos.   The town is just beautiful and is a resort spot.    A bit pricey--glad we got the tour prices!!!   Second photo is a basket made by a Tarahuamara Indian.   The Tarahuamaras are a gentle people who live in the canyons in crude housing.   The baskets are made from the agave plant (yep, same plant they make tequila from.)  It was intriguing to watch the Indians work on the baskets.  The leaves are cut into thin strips, then woven into baskets.   I think everyone on the tour bought at least one Tarahuamara basket!   I brought several back for gifts.   Third photo is all my quilt shop treasures.   Tucson has some fabulous quilt shops.   I shopped at three and was so tickled--each had its own personality.   I actually do have plans for most of the purchases.

I am so ready to get back into my sewing room.   I am picking up the Madeira strip quilt from the longarmer tomorrow so binding will be the first order of business.  Then I want to tackle some UFOs so I can start using all my new goodies with a clear conscience!!   

Monday, March 10, 2008

Adios, Mi Amigas

On vacation till the end of March.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Dribs And Drabs

March...such a Jekyll and Hyde. The first two days were warm and sunny, albeit windy. Then
Day 3 went right back to being the monster--temps in the 20s and a bitter fierce wind all day. I keep telling myself that this is what makes Spring's arrival all the more sweet.
This afternoon I dropped off the Madeira jelly roll quilt at the longarmer's. Such a joy to be handing it off to someone else. She had some great ideas for the quilting so I am anxious to see how it turns out. I even bought a new teal sheet set to welcome it back home later in the month! Of course, now I'll have to find a new bedskirt and make some new pillows. Ya don't just buy the horse, do you?
I did manage to get caught up on my Farmer's Market blocks. Such fun. These are being offered by the very generous Pat Sloan over on her website, I took a look around the sewing room after Madeira left and saw still too many projects crying out for my attention. Well, they'll probably have to wait till I return from Arizona and Mexico. We leave on the 12th and in between now and then, DS#1 and his GF are coming in for a few days. That means nonstop eating and some competitive Scrabble. Plus, hopefully, the GF and I can squeeze in some shopping. After all, I DO need shoes for the trip and maybe a new pair of jeans.....