Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Easy Empanadas

A favorite around this house is empanadas.   However, I don't always want to drag the mixer and pasta attachment out to make the dough.   In fact, I usually don't want to!!!  So I decided to experiment with a shortcut.   Refrigerated pie crust!   Worked like a charm.   Hubs and I loved it. 

Here's the recipe:

Brown 1 pound ground beef with a small diced red bell pepper, a small diced onion, some minced garlic and a teaspoon or two of ground cumin.   Drain off grease and add salt and pepper to taste and a few sprigs of fresh parsley, finely chopped.   Set aside to cool.

Roll out 2 refrigerated crusts (1 box thawed).  I use Pillsbury.   Roll them somewhat thin.  Using a 4 or 4 1/2 inch circle (I used my 2 cup measuring cup turned upside down) cut out circles.  Put a small amount of the ground beef mix on one half of a circle which has a dab of water wiped around the edge.   Fold over and seal the edges, then crimp with a fork.  Do this with all the crust circles.  Place on a waxed paper lined baking sheet and refrigerate for a short time.  Prick each empanada a couple of times with a fork.  

Add oil to a Dutch oven, deep enough to fry the empanadas.  I used canola oil.   Heat to 350 to 360 degrees.   Fry a few empanadas at a time for about four minutes or till golden brown.  Drain on paper towels. Makes about 14.  There will be meat mixture leftover.   Serve with desired dips such as  fire-roasted salsa, Ranch dip or pineapple salsa.