Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Book, New Blogger

Attention Prim Lovers!!! I got this book from Amazon the other day and it is truly amazing. It is one of those rare books that is everything I had hoped it would be--full of gorgeous primitive, folk art quilts, great patterns, and what look to be good directions. I so want to post a couple of photos of inside pages but don't know if that is allowed by the copyright police. Anyone enlighten me? There is one stunning Halloween log cabin beauty with a hooked pillow topper that is now at the top--or near--the evergrowing "list". Just yummy. Oh, and an antique looking yellow work chicken piece that has fantastic black print hexagons. Oh, and a wild horse in wool beauty! Every quilt in this book is a winner. Well, I will stop going on about this book because--let's face it, without pictures it's just no fun!!! If I weren't so busy making baby quilts right now, I'd start right in
today on one of the luscious quilts in this book!!! No affiliation, just a tickled purchaser.

Now back to reality. Betty showed her first quilt on her blog. So I decided to post one of my early ones. I think I posted this several months back also. This sampler was not my VERY first quilt but an early one. It is good ol' poly-cotton blend fabric. Hand- pieced and hand-quilted and gosh, it only took me a couple of years to finish it LOL! It was done as a BOM at a lady's home. Lots of fun but definitely not my taste now! It resided on my bed for many years and lived through lots of launderings. Ya know, poly just doesn't wear out!!! And now a word about Betty! She recently started her own blog and I was so delighted. I have never met Betty in person, but have been on a couple of Yahoo groups with her. And I can tell you, her work is extraordinary. Everytime she posted a photo on one of the groups, I just gushed (to myself, of course)! She does the most beautiful stuff and is a true inspiration. Go check her out---you'll be glad you did.

Friday, April 20, 2007


Taking a break from borders and backings and bindings oh my, I decided this week to use my embroidery machine. It tends to be a very expensive doorstop if I don't remind myself to use it once in awhile! I am a huge fan of Laurel Burch's art and when she started designing fabric a few years ago, I thought I had died and gone to heaven!!! As is often the case, I usually think her fabric is too pretty to cut into. I embroidered four of her cat designs from a Bernina card and will most likely make a bag with this fabric and these kitties. That is, if I can make myself run a rotary cutter over this luscious stuff.

Another diversion this week has been doll quilts. I don't have any daughters or granddaughters--I just like doll quilts!!! I found this little vintage Scotty pattern and hand-embroidered two of them yesterday at my mini group. Love to embroider by hand. I have had the Scotty fabric in my stash for a while--just a FQ. Wish I could find some more of it, it is so darn cute. I kind of have a thing for Scotties right now. Don't know why, I've never owned one. I blame it on Mary Engelbreit LOL! I need to add a little more on to this quilt--either squares or a border. Then I can handquilt it in front of the TV this weekend. Callin' it McPatch for now.

Hope everyone in Blogland has a super weekend! Sew long!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I Did My Part to Save Hancock's

I kept hearing about all the Hancock Fabric stores that were closing across the country and had a moment of panic! There is a Hancock store about 5 miles from my house and I purchase a lot of backing fabrics and notions there. It is my "ace in the hole". Well, I made a quick run to check it out yesterday and was reassured by a clerk that they were not closing and were, in fact, doing quite well, thank you very much. Phew! Glad to hear it. Well, to do my part to keep the store "doing quite well", I purchased the backing fabric for my Chocolates & Cherries string quilt, these lovely "spring-ish" FQs for doll quilts, some Kona Snow for embroidery, a new chalk marker, and a water-soluble marking pen. I ONLY did this to keep Hancock Fabrics afloat, you understand. Swamp land, anyone?
Also, yesterday while browsing my fave quilt blogs, I saw my name and blog mentioned on Patti's blog for the Thinking Blogger award. Wow, what an amazing thing! I was flabbergasted. Patti is one of my quilting idols!!!! Thank you, Patti, for such a day-brightener. I think that I am supposed to follow suit and list 5 more inspirational blogs. But I think rather than list individual blogs for fear of leaving someone out, I will just say that I nominate all the bloggers who stop by my blog and leave comments. YOU are my inspiration to keep blogging! It is just so fun to see what y'all have to say about my projects or suggestions you leave for my quandries or just feeling your friendship--all the way from the US to Canada to Europe to South Africa to Australia! When I started this blogging adventure almost a year ago, I had no idea the riches it would bring me.
Spring is trying desperately to return to KC today. It is sunny, 50 degrees with just a light breeze. The birds are singing so loudly that both cats' ears are in permanent upright position. And today my company will be served barbecue from their favorite BBQ restaurant in the area so the only cooking I'll be doing is a pot of baked beans. Hope your weekend is sweet.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

In my continuing attempts to act like a grown-up, I decided I really should knock at least one more UFO off the list before starting a new Lori Smith project. Sooo...yesterday I finished the machine quilting on Spin (first photo) whose saga was chronicled back here. Scroll down to read about how I came to own these blocks and what additions I made. This was my first attempt at free-motion quilting so you should only view it from the back of a galloping horse, as they say!!! Anyway, it is done-done. It may become a donation quilt although Rocky has taken quite a liking to it LOL! One of my excuses for the quilting quality is that he kept laying on it as I was trying to feed it through the machine!!! Not helpful, Rockster.
The second photo is a quilt made by a guild member. At yesterday's meeting several of the minis and baby quilts that will be in our silent auction at the show were on display. I will post more photos after the actual show May 4 - 5, but this particular one really caught my eye and I think I'm going to HAVE to bid on it!!! Just found out this week that a dear friend of mine is going to be "granny" for the first time and this would be so nice to welcome the new baby (provided I win the bid and provided I can bear to part with it!!!!)
Company is coming for the weekend so need to get rolling on cleaning and grocery shopping. Have a super weekend and watch out for black cats, ladders and broken mirrors--it's Friday the Thirteenth, you know!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Now that Broken Dishes is done see previous post) and other WIPS await backing fabric, it is time to start thinking about a NEW PROJECT!!!! Spoken like a true quilt addict, huh? Here are two patterns that I have had tucked away for quite some time. For some reason I have the urge to applique. I'm thinking of combining these two--you know, picking and choosing blocks from each. I will most likely use all the ones with animals, then fill in with some of the others or come up with my own. I like the simpler border on Simple Pleasures so will probably use that border. I will most likely change the color scheme to fit better with my living room, as it may be a wall hanging. I definitely need to spiffy up the decor!!! Lori Smith, who designed both of these, sent me the sweetest handwritten note when she shipped these. That always makes me think so fondly of a designer when he or she takes the time to do that!

Broken Dishes DONE DONE

Broken Dishes is done--except for the label on the back. I'll wait until the parents actually get the baby from China and have a name to put the label on the back. I did simple straight line quilting with scallops in the border. Then I decided I wanted to add some texture so I tied the centers of each Broken Dishes block with six strands of floss--just for fun!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Tidings

Hope today is peaceful for you and yours.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

April Is the Cruelest Month...

Boy, just when we get used to 80 degrees, sunshine, and sweet breezes--along comes 20 degrees and fierce winds! Kansas City's weather is as fickle as can be. Oh, well, as they say, just wait a few minutes!

I spent two days with no internet access! Talk about withdrawal symptoms. I had to go to my public library to use their internet so I could at least check my email. And, wow, did I miss checking in on my favorite blogs!!! My Roadrunner guy came early this morning and got me back online. Turns out I needed a new modem. Hope that solves the problem permanently! Must have internet, must have internet, must have internet...

Thought I'd answer a few questions from the comments on my last post. Dawn and Judy, those cute little green thingies on the ends of the scissors are actually knitting needle protectors. Clover makes those little ones and I can usually find them at a craft store (JoAnns, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby). Atet asked about the quilting charms. I found those at Hobby Lobby in the beading department. Angie asked about purchasing the little scissors with beaded fobs. They've been turned over to the boutique chairperson for the quilt show. I'm not sure what they will do with the unsold "merchandise" but I'll keep you in mind!

Here's a photo of what I worked on when I couldn't be on the internet yesterday (hmmmm, is there a lesson to be learned here? Nah!) I adore English cottages and Mary Engelbreit cottages and decided one would brighten up my dining room for Spring. So I did some stash-nibbling and came up with this. And, yep, there are some yo-yos for bushes and clouds. Had to justify the purchase of those yo-yo makers LOL! I will try to machine quilt it this afternoon.
Hey, you should really check out Dawn's blog today. She has the most amazing tutorial on freezer-paper-piecing to achieve those incredible pointy points! I have heard about this method before but never fully got it until I read her tutorial--complete with great photos!!!
Okay, KC Quilter, get off the internet and into the sewing room!

Monday, April 02, 2007

What Will They Think Of Next?

Being the gadget junkie that I am, I just had to order the Clover Yo-Yo makers from Connecting Threads. They came on Saturday and I've been having some fun with them! Basically, you clamp a piece of fabric between the two parts, trim the edge, and sew in and out of the holes. Remove the plastic pieces, pull the thread like a shower cap, knot off, and Voila! you have a yo-yo! Great mindless work for TV watching. Finished 3 scissor jewelry beaded fobs for the quilt show boutique. Purchased some small scissors to include with them. They'll be handy to toss in the take-along sewing bag. I put some "I Heart Quilting" charms on them. Next I'll make a couple of larger ones for shears--if I can find some large lobster claws around locally. Scissors NOT included on those babies!!!!

Last week Blogger wouldn't let me post the finished Bo Peep mini so here she is now. The thermometer outside says 82 degrees and the sun is shining and the sky is the prettiest blue you've ever seen. Hope it lasts.....