Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yes, I am still 'kicking" and a special thank-you to those bloggy friends who checked in on me. Husband's mother, at the age of 96, passed away a couple of weeks ago after a hospital stay. As you can imagine, our time was not our own for the month of June. My mother-in-law was one of those women who could "do it all". She was an excellent seamstress and made all her own clothes, all beautiful and all so coordinated. She quilted wonderful quilts and was an inspiration to me. There were no quilters in my family so I always say, I married into quilting! She wallpapered like a pro, crocheted beautiful things, made the most gorgeous dolls, complete with petticoats, bonnets and adorable hair-dos. When DH and I first married, we were poor as the proverbial church mice. We inherited a couple of ugly sectionals as our ONLY living room furniture. MIL made us the most wonderful slipcovers that we used for years--and years! She was a "Martha" long before Martha was heard of LOL. She will be missed.

Below are just a few quilts from our quilt show. Lots of inspiration here! Enjoy.