Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blame It On Omaha!

On a very innocent trip to Omaha recently, I spotted a much-loved quilt shop, Country Sampler--right on the road we were traveling. Did I have a choice? I don't think so!!! In we go (DH is really a good sport about such things as destiny and fate). I am always blown away by the shop samples there and always come away inspired and with a lighter wallet. Their version of the Sunshine Quilt from Strip Happy was done up in the Madeira jelly roll strips. So drawn to those dusty aquas right now. I may have to purchase another jelly roll or some FQs so that I can make it in darks and mediums and not many lights. I'm sure those lights could find a home in another quilt someday LOL! (Note to Moda: Sure wish you'd cut those jelly roll strips with straight edges rather than pinked edges so one could have a true 2 1/2" measure.)

To add further insult to injury this week, I purchased Simple Seasons (with a Christmas gift card--so there!) and Happy Hour. I have wanted both of these books for a while now and since I was in the boost-America's-economy mode, I plunged ahead. Also, Cotton Candy (another jelly roll quilt) is now at the flimsy stage. Originally I thought this would be a spring quilt for my bed. However, I was less than enthralled with it after it went together so I will now finish it as a cuddle-up couch quilt. No matter how hard I try to get out of my dark prim color range, it just never seems to please me. I may need a 12 step program!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Slacking Off

Wow, long time between posts! Life can be hectic at times. Older Son and Girlfriend were here for a few days so not much computering going on then--but lots of laughs and lots of food and lots of gameplaying at the kitchen table. Throw in the search for a new sofa, a MIL in the hospital, and a Girls-Day-Out with Sister and time gets by. Today I will venture into my sewing room. Kinda scary when you've not set foot there for a while! What will I find???

I'd like to start pulling background fabrics for the applique on the Winter Quilt in Snowbound. I'd like to add a second border to Cotton Candy. I'd like to pull out my two stitchery quilt projects to position in the family room for quick-pick-ups while TV watching. Sounds good.

Since there are no new quilty photos to post today, here are a couple of my favorite folk art kitties who bear a striking resemblance to Natasha and Rocky!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Renee Nanneman

What a treat we had in store at our guild meeting yesterday! Renee Nanneman of those wonderful Need'L Love books was our speaker. Her beautiful quilts are such an inspiration. I have long been a fan of her designs, dating all the way back to her beginnings as a cross-stitch designer. In fact, I still have a few of those booklets in my possession--they survived the great cross-stitch purge of moving-to-a-new-house! I have tons of those Threads books (Bittersweet Threads, Snowman Threads, French Market Threads, etc.) and love them for their variety of projects and decidedly folk art/prim look. Just great eye candy too! And what an absolute sweetie she is!

Of course, I had to add to my collection (Big Evil Grin) with these two books based on her fabric design line from Andover! It's so neat to see such a nice Missouri girl making it big on the quilting front.

HAPPY NEWS!!! My DH's niece and hubby have been waiting for years to adopt a baby from China. Their dream came true in December and Baby Emily is now at home with them in Colorado. We are so-o-o very happy for the three of them and anxiously await a time when we can meet our newest great-niece in person. Till then a quilt and a sock beagle will have to stand in for us! You may remember this Broken Dishes quilt I finished several months ago in anticipation of the newest family member's arrival. It is winging its way across Kansas and may even have arrived already in Colorado.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Who Was I Kidding?

On my post a few days ago, I commented that I probably had 3 UFOs. Ha ha ha ha! A quick glance around at my sewing room shelves reminded me of several more quilts-to-be. In addition to Cotton Candy, Chocolates & Cherries, and a BOM, I spotted two stitchery quilts--Journey to the Ark and Paper Doll Memories, a star-centered string quilt, an Alex Anderson vase of flowers wallhanging (really old), several assorted kits and sample blocks AAAACCCCKKKK! What's a girl to do? Why, start a new project, of course.

I have mentioned this book on my blog before, Snowbound (1989). I adore this book and think it was the catalyst for my love of prim quilts. I have always wanted to make "Winter Quilt" from the book. (This may be the year of checking off some of those "I've always wanted to..."items) So I traced off onto fusible all the pieces and windowed them out. In the book the quilt is needleturn appliqued, but I am much too slow at that!!! The fusible looks like Swiss cheese, huh?

The applique can come from stash and hopefully, the block backgrounds can too. Maybe by next winter, it will be a snuggle quilt!

Some Goals. My husband gifted me with a MacBook for Christmas. I have been a long time Apple afficionado--having had 3 in the 80s and 90s. Then came the big Drought-Of-Software-Compatible-With-Mac years. Also, my school district went to an all PC format in the mid-90s. So since that time I have owned PCs. They're fine, but there's just something about a Mac! Of course, so many changes have come down, like the Leopard OS that I'll be on a learning curve for quite awhile. It will be a goal to get comfy with this new toy. Another goal will be to use my embroidery module more. To that end I am joining Bernina's Embroidery Club for the monthly meetings and demos. Should be fun. Another goal is to increase the number of items made for donation--quilted, knitted, and crocheted. Oh, there are the usual goals of more healthy eating, less spending on hobbies, more traveling, less kvetching about things out of my control, etc. etc. But these three are maybe actually attainable.

Shout out to Patti on her retirement!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008

Wishing you good health and happiness for the new year. Oh, and lots of sewing time!!