Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Sea of “C’s”

It seems that I have been hanging out with a lot of “C” things lately!



Russell Stover chocolates. Mmmmm….a Kansas City legend.

…Chickens In The Road

A new (to me) blog that is just wonderful! Go here and see for yourself. But, be warned…you’ll spend lots of time there with recipes, farm life, goats and chickens, craft projects, and just plain fun!!



There’s very little that relaxes me more than a repetitive crochet project, especially if it’s Cheap and Cheerful!! Little dishcloths are a good way to try out edge stitches and pattern repeats for larger projects. And they work up so-o-o fast!


We’ve been overdosing on the Olympics. Vancouver is so beautiful and I especially enjoy Apolo Ohno. Oh, and the polar bears at Churchill!



Beautiful flowers from a son. There’s a story but it can’t be told here!



Rocky seems to be thinking, “She can have the flowers. Just let me have the paper!”


Kansas City temperatures…enough said!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 01, 2010

February Arrives

No, I didn't make this wonderful quilt but it has always been a favorite of mine.    Thank you, Google Image Search!!!!    It has just the right flavor for February.   Not too bright, not too mushy.   Maybe someday I'll get around to making it.

February....what is there to say about February?   Here in KC  we're still having lots of gray.    The good news is that we're taking off in a couple of weeks for Arizona---the epitome of "not gray"!    Can't wait.   Tomorrow the ground hog makes his official proclamation about gray.    Six more weeks of it or spring just around the corner?   Fingers crossed.   Although, my son who is a meteorologist says, "doesn't matter what the ground hog says, we're having six more weeks of winter!"    Hmmmmm....we'll see who is right LOL!   Happy February!