Sunday, June 04, 2006

Fun & Games In the "Studio"

After drooling over Jeanne 's gorgeous Bullseye quilt yesterday, I just had to try out her directions for one of my own! Deciding on a color scheme was E-A-S-Y---witness the six tubs of red fabric! Seemed like a great way to bring down the stash. Besides, a beautiful male cardinal has been hanging out by the deck today (alternating with the hummingbirds) and his brilliant coat seemed like a hint! I made a block and it went together quickly. Then I made three more ( there another addiction coming on???) Quartered them up and sewed them into a new scrappy block. I likey! Thanks, Jeanne, for your very straightforward instructions. I have several other Bullseye patterns in the file but I like yours best! And it seems the most carefree and fun.


Fiona said...

Those red bull's eyes are great - I think Jeanne has really started something - Anne over at Quilting Bebbs has also made some - fun to see all the different versions.

Tina said...

I love your red bulls eye block, this is one of my favorite Aunt Grace patterns...Hugs Tina

Judy said...

Isn't it weird how people are different. I can never seem to have reds in my stash no matter how many I buy. I always have to go buy more reds!!