Thursday, May 04, 2006

Yo Yo Diet

Inspired by Jeanne's photo of her yo-yos on her blog (sorry, I STILL don't know how to do links!!), I am posting a photo of a vintage yo yo coverlet from my collection. Most likely from the 30s, it is another "cheery" quilt. I love to make yo yos as they are fairly mindless work to do in front of the TV, but can't imagine making enough--then handwhipping them together--to make anything large enough for a bed!!! Yo yos and hexies are some of my favorite handwork.

New computer arrived yesterday late afternoon--hurray! I will not be able to get it all setup till Friday evening. Today is quilt show setup day, plus a bit of shopping at the mall to search for khakis that actually FIT! I think something is shrinking my clothes while they are hanging in the closet!!!! Tomorrow is the first day of the quilt show so I'll spend several hours working/shopping the vendors there tomorrow. Then Saturday I'm taking a 4 hour class from our featured quilter, Deana Hartmann, who makes beautiful art quilts--can't wait. I am also responsible for counting Peoples Choice ballots so will be there most of the day.

I am hoping that the new computer will help me to post better photos. It will have some media stuff that I don't have now. Wish me luck on the pants search!


Jeanne said...

Aargh! I'll NEVER get that many yo-yos sewn!!!!
Jeanne :)

Ann said...

Good Luck on the pants search!! And I love the hexagon quilts. Maybe one day, I'll find it in me to finish mine! And have great fun at the quilt show.....wish it weren't so far, I'd jot up to it!(I'm south of the Lake of the Ozarks). And Congrats on the new pc, too!

KCQuilter said...

Thanks, Ann, I actually did find a pair of Dockers that FIT! Good luck on your hexagons. My husband is a retired math teacher so he is drawn to that shape too--go figure!

KCQuilter said...

Jeanne, good luck with your yoyos! It does look like it takes a gazillion to make a coverlet LOL!

Judy said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog! I'm looking forward to starting my KC Star blocks soon, but I'm finishing up a few things before I start! I saw your blocks and loved them!

Putting a link in is super easy. When you make a new know you have the box that you type in, right? Well, across the top are all those little symbols for Bold, Italic, etc. There is one that has a picture of a world and what looks like 2 chain links. If you roll your mouse over it, it will say "link". I open a new web browser window..or write down the name of the places you want to link to for your blog..or whoever's blog. I open a new window and then go to the place I want to link to... go to the line at the top of your page that shows the web address, highlight it with your mouse and then click Edit... and Copy.

Then go back to where you are writing your new post...highlight the word you want to become the link with your mouse, and then hit that little world/chainlink symbol. A box will open up with "http:/" and just click.. Edit..and PASTE. and then okay or done. That will make you link. Try it! If it goofs you can type it in yourself.

BUT, you either have to have a second window open or write down the names beforehand, because if you move away from your new post you will lose it.

Hope that explained it a little.

Deb H said...

Actually Judy is right, but you don't even have to write anything down if you copy the address in your mouse first by Right clicking on the the link title in someone else's list, or like my name above, a little box will pop up that has a list of options, one will be "copy shortcut" or just "copy", so then you, left click on that, then go & follow the steps that Judy gave you for adding the link.When you want to put the address in the box, left click again then choose "paste". Then the only thing you'll have to do is back space over one of the http:// because you'll have the one that was there, plus the one you just copied.

As far as a yo-yo quilt goes, I'd do the yo-yo's themselves by hand, but I'd machine stitch them together once I had enough. IF I ever had the desire to make one that is. I love them, just would rather buy it on ebay & spend time making my own stuff :)

Deb H said...

oops, sorry, I hadn't read her whole statement she did do a paste.

Linda_J said...

wow, lucky you having the yo yo's and the hexagon quilts in your collection! Welcome too to the blogger world--you should see if there is an opening in the stashquilts ring!!

I see that Judy and Deb gave you some ideas on how to links. I like to use the BLOG THIS button that comes with the google toolbar to do mine though I usually edit the text if say, I am using Jeanne's name rather than her blog title. If you are writing a post on the compose page, then you click on the edit button and paste in the code < a href etc, etc. http etc. and all that closing stuff.

it gets easier---honest. I have been working through some exercises in "Learning Web Design" so may have a little leg up on some of this stuff. Judy asked about strike throughs the other day and I was able to help so it has come in handy.