Monday, May 22, 2006

A Good Mail Day

Today's mail brought two treasures! First, a 1935 KC Star quilt pattern of Snail's Trail that I had ordered from an eBay dealer. I love these old patterns clipped from my local newspaper years and years ago and lovingly preserved. I always wonder about the person who cut out the pattern and whether she got around to making it--or, was she a collector? If she did make it, what were her fabric choices? The patterns were in black and white so she was free to imagine any color scheme she desired. Did she make it from clothing scraps or feedsacks or new fabric from the department store? Snail's Trail is one that keeps popping up in my mind as one to use for my older son's quilt. Remember him? He likes black and white and burgundy!!! I'm drawn to the suggestion by Jeanne to throw in a little teal--at least Mom would like that LOL! Such fun to see these old clippings and to read the news on the backside too. On this particular day, November 20, 1935, farm prices were reported: hogs and lambs had showed some moderate net gains while cattle continued to lag!! Butter continued its "spectacular" climb with net gains amounting to 2 cents. Oh, such simpler times. The ad on the back side was for Cane Molasses for steers. Mmmm. Next to come out of the mailbox was the new issue of Quilting Arts. Oh, how I LOVE this magazine. I do love traditional quilts, but there is something so vivacious about the beautiful art quilts and fiber creations that come out of this magazine!!! I think I am like a flea on a dog--jumping from one choice part to another--when it comes to quilting. I love it all!!!


Dawn said...

Oh what fun to get quilt things in the mail! I"m jealous! It was a good day for you!

YankeeQuilter said...

A few years ago one of our quilt guild members called me to look at a box of patterns a friend had given her...they were all cut out of KC Star or a Farmer's Journal. It was so much fun reading the directions and trying to figure out what the woman who saved them all may have been like! Some went back to the late 20's.


Finn said...

Hey, that is sooo cool that you collect the old newpaper patterns..I suppose just the page clippings???
I would love to have to blog more about your collection....I had no idea anyone actively pursued those old patterns...really cool!!

Judy said...

I saw Elanor Bunrs on Simply Quilts one day with all her antique patterns! Really Cool!