Monday, May 08, 2006

A Day At Home....Ahh

Nothing is sweeter than an unplanned day! After a very hectic last four days, I am reveling in being home with my sewing machine, computer, and cats. (Well, that darn washing machine and vacuum, too.) Yesterday was spent pulling--ugh--weeds and just generally sprucing up the yard and gardens. The new computer is now up and running. Still need to buy a new printer but for now, the old one will do. Thought I'd post a pic of my ladder of quilts too--just for fun! When I first got back into quilting a few years ago, things had changed so much from the early 70s when I started quilting. Instead of cereal box cardboard templates, there were now rotary cutters, selfhealing mats, and acrylic rulers! However, skills were rusty so I practiced a lot on little quilts and doll quilts--a few hang on this ladder. They are scattered throughout the house too. I love all the new inventions but am usually trying to make things LOOK old!!! Today's goals include adding beads to my quiltlet from Saturday's workshop, making several Sawtooth Star blocks for younger son's quilt, and adding to my calendar quilt (from Pat Sloan's Yahoo group) . Hmmm...that unplanned day suddenly got scheduled!


Ann said...

So, how was your day "off"? Did you accomplish all you wanted to? I love your ladder full of quilts! Now I want something to display some on.....I guess first I have to quit giving them all away, huh? Hope you're having a great week!

Dawn said...

Love your quilt ladder! I want a day off like that! (Well ok not the vacuum and weeding).