Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers' Day

Thought I'd post a photo of the pond as it looks mid-May. As the weeks go by, it should get more colorful with the water lilies and the annuals I planted this morning. Also the tiger lilies and Stellas will add some color soon. So many fish survived the winter--and lots of new fry! The tadpoles are growing fast. Love to sit out beside it and hear the water trickle down the waterfall. And I anxiously anticipate the return of my beautiful iridescent dragonflies. Also picked a few peonies this morning. Peonies always remind me of my mom who passed away about six years ago. She liked to place peonies on her mother's grave on "Decoration Day" as she called it. Hope she's looking down with a warm smile on her face as she sees the gorgeous deep pinks, pale pinks, and white blooms. And, mmmm...are they ever fragrant. Hope that all the moms out there are having a wonderful day.


Laura said...

Peonies always remind me of my mother also. She always took them to the cemetary on Memorial Day. Growing up our drive way was lined with them. What a good memory!

Dawn said...

What a gorgeous pond area! No wonder you love sitting by it! My mom and dad had a goldfish pond when I was growing up and I loved the lilly pads and fish (and frogs that would grow up there). But it was not at all as beautiful as yours!

Linda_J said...

What a lovely spot in your yards that is so lovingly tended! I love peonies as well.

What you said about your mom placing them on her mom's grave is touching. DH's grandparents have a peony bush right by their headstones.

So pretty and fragrant. I don't think we can grow them here in AL because I never see them but we have a lilac thanks to DH's judicious tending. When we were back in IL the lilacs were all in bloom so it was a treat seeing it all over again since ours bloomed about a month prior to that.