Friday, April 21, 2006

Well, At Least It's a Photo!!!

Posted by Picasa Okay, saga continues. Picasa helped me load a photo but it is NOT where I wanted it!!! Anyone know how to help me get the photo with my profile???


Jeanne said...

Blogger has a Help page, and one of their FAQs is exactly this. It wasn't hard, if you do it step by step -- I'm not computery, so if I can do it, anyone can! Holler if you don't find it.
Jeanne :)

Deb H said...

If you right click your mouse on your photo posted here, you will get a pop up screen that has the photos properties listed, including it's URL address. Just copy & paste the address, & go to your edit profile, & paste that URL into the line for the photo address. If you need help copy & pasting, email me & I'll send you the how to there. I owe several cyber-friends for teaching me how to navigate, so it's my turn to help a mewbie! :)