Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Birds of a Feather

Thought I'd post a photo of my first three blocks of the current KC Star's BOM by the Blackbird gals, Birds of a Feather. I am getting the fabric packs from my local quilt shop and the patterns are published every third Sunday in my local newspaper. Even though I enjoy needleturn applique, I am extremely SLOW at it so I opted to do fusible applique with machine blanket stitch--so fun and so-o-o fast.

The title, Birds of a Feather, makes me think of quilters. I have been enjoying reading the memes of several bloggers and their "quirks". It is amazing how much I found that I have in common with several of you.

Also we are Birds of a Feather in our thirst to learn more and more about our craft, always wanting to find the best techniques to make a project truly our own. Searching for that perfect fabric to express the theme of a new quilt. Drooling over luscious quilts at shows, guild meetings, or a buddy's home.
Leafing through the latest quilt magazines for inspirations of color and design. Talking about quilts to whomever will listen! And, of course, cruising through the quilt blogs daily to see who is up to what!!

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