Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jo's Little Women Quilts

Today's quilts are some that I made this winter while in a Jo Morton Little Women Club at my LQS. So fun! I did find that working in such a small scale had its own gray-hair-making challenges! The first one is called Freedom Quilt, second one is Meg's Four Patch, third one is Soldier Blue, and the last one is Nine Patch Checkerboard. Maybe some day I'll learn how to put captions with photos LOL!

Some of the ladies in the club are also members of my quilt guild so we decided to hang all of our little quilts at the show coming up May 5th and 6th at the KCI Expo Center (near KCI Airport). Hey, if you're in the Kansas City area, stop by! I am also hanging three queen-sized quilts but don't have pictures of those yet. It's always easier to get a good photo when a quilt is hanging at the quilt show! When I was reading Fibermania blog this morning (wish I knew how to do links), it really struck a chord. Melody talked about quilting for enjoyment--not for competition. That's me through and through. If I thought I had to be judged on my quilts, no way I'd hang them!!! Our guild show is not juried. Any member who wants to hang a quilt is free to do so. And it is amazing how gorgeous they are.

Today's weather took a nosedive here in KC. We dropped to the 40s and have a cloudy ole' sky. Nice day to work on the machine quilting of Spin so that's what I am off to do! Will have to stop soon though as I await Computer Guy who will hopefully figure out why the other computer won't let me get online. GRRRRRR. I know it is definitely time to upgrade that computer--but then, that would leave me less money for fabric...
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Jeanne said...

Hihihi Vera!!
I followed your comment and found your new blog!
Crumb blocks are litle odds and ands from the scrap tub sewn together without rhyme or reason, and then squared up to a consistent size. 6 1/2" works pretty well for me -- usually about 4 or 5 crumb bits to get to that size.
I'm just LOVING your BOAF blocks, and your lovely thoughts about us being birds :)
Drop by and comment often at Stash Quilts, so the rest of the girls get to know you.

Tracey said...

Vera, I'm loving those BOAF blocks too. So far I've held off on starting into them....goodness, I don't need yet another new project! :o)

Tina said...

Hi Vera, I'll be at the show this weekend if all goes well, Maybe I'll see you there...Hugs Tina