Sunday, April 30, 2006

Pondering Color Schemes

What's up with this??? Lately I am so drawn to this color scheme! The top photo is a group of fabrics I bought yesterday at a darling little quilt shop I happened upon in Hiawatha, Kansas. Laurel Burch fabs were 1/3 off!!! I bought 2 yards of this adorable cat fabric. I am such a fan of Laurel's art. Then I proceeded to buy some coordinating FQs in luscious batiks. Do I know what I'll make with it? Do cats ignore birds? I am kinda thinking about a crazy style or string style... But no definite plan.
The second photo is my little beaded-fish-quilt-in-progress. When I got home yesterday and went to the quilting studio to put my new yummies away, I noticed it on the design wall....any similarities??? Can't explain why I suddenly become drawn to certain colors!

Pleasing color combinations are very elusive to me. I've read the books on color theory, own a couple of colorwheels, and have my favorite schemes. But! I am usually happiest with a finished quilt when I have used a focus fabric, then pulled coordinates from it. One of my quilt goals is to be able to--on my own--pull colors together that "have it going on"--all by myself LOL.

Much rain in KC all weekend. Grass is looking wa-a-y shaggy and weeds are looking too comfortable in the gardens.

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Deb H said...

The way you're doing it looks just fine to me, but there is a color study that just started in in the Delphi group, I haven't paid much attention to it, but if you contact me I can send you a contact to ask about it if you're interested. Your work is lovely. I've posted below on getting your photo added where you want it. Good luck & welcome to a fun community of artists!