Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cat Helpers

In the first picture is dear Natasha, our five year old yellow tabby. She is my Quilting Muse, always hanging out on or near the latest quilting work-in-progress or warming up a finished quilt. Her advice is invaluable!!! She lets me know if the colors are right and if the pattern suits her. She helps roll the spools of thread around on the floor to determine if they are appropriate for a particular fabric. She sometimes tries to pull pins right out of the pincushion--not a good thing. And she has the bestest purr going!

Next picture is good ole' Rocky Boy (aka Rocket J. Cat, Rockums, Rock Star, and Rock Man), our five year old brown tabby (but he insists he is a caramel tabby due to the gorgeous coloration of his tummy). Rocky is the Technology Advisor at our house. Sitting atop the computer monitor, he is king of all things techie. In fact, he can even type on the keyboard: weutpipkj; n 'jaadd goaxvhk,; (classic example). When not perched atop the monitor, he can be found on one of his two humans' laps, demanding lots of petting and sweet talk. Can you say Ruler of the Household??

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Holly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)Your kitties are so cute. Got a good chuckle out of Rocky Boy's typing. I have two that look just like him. That's a pretty GFG quilt under Natasha. Are you going to show a full view later? I'm still reading so maybe you already have.