Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Husband, The Enabler

Yesterday we decided to make a quick trip up to Omaha to spend a few hours with Older Son. While we were there, DH insisted we stop in at one of my favorite Omaha haunts, The Country Sampler Quilt Shop. He knows how to hurt a girl!!! I think he is thinking about that lovely Bernina sitting up in the sewing room collecting dust! While I still enjoy looking at all the gorgeous fabrics and sample quilts, what caught my eye was this:

I have been a fan of Kathleen Tracy's books since her first one came out in 2004, American Doll Quilts. I also have Prairie Children and Their Quilts and Remembering Adelia so this is a nice addition to the collection. I love how she weaves history in with the darling quilts. I love her sense of color and the warmth her quilts convey. And I love that she is a fellow Mid-Westerner and likes to dabble in jewelry making! I think we have a connection.

I really liked this quilt in the book:

So simple yet so evocative of those Sanitary Commission quilts that show up a lot in Civil War history pieces. I appreciate the easy sewing techniques she used on this quilt. Easy? My middle name.

Okay, I promise. This is the last mention of the new Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City. We did attend the open house Sunday. Organizers were expecting 25,000 people to turn out. A whopping 50,000 folks showed up!!!! And that's with a Chiefs game on TV. The parking was challenging, but we were able to find onstreet parking just two blocks away. The line to get in was longer than long, but we only had to stand in the light drizzle for 45 minutes--some people waited one or two hours! Once inside the center we were overwhelmed and amazed. The wait was well worth it. There are two main theaters which will host symphonies, operas, theater, ballet and other arts. They are gorgeous. The beautiful foyers and views are spectacular. Kansas City, you have arrived.


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I have this book pinned on my pinterest board. I love the little hexie quilt.

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