Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Lo-o-ong Hiatus

Looking in Merriam-Webster, I find that "hiatus" means an interruption in time or continuity. No mention of how long the interruption has to be in order to be considered a hiatus and not a "quitting". Phew! My last post was 15 months ago. There were many times when I considered closing down shop altogether but the nagging memories of so many great blogging pals kept me from doing that. we go again. Probably no former readers still out there but would love to hear from any who happen to stumble across this blog! It is said that life is what happens when you are making so true. Some of life's issues have been resolved, others still in progress. Sorry for no further explanation but that's how it must be...for now.

Today is a day full of memories for so many Americans. It often feels like the terrorist attacks were just yesterday. I am always grateful to the many who protect us on a daily basis, both on our homeland and abroad. Thank you.


Carol said...

Could hardly see the 'post a comment' link underneath but just clicked on it anyway in case that was what I was supposed to do. And it was! Yes, I am a follower from way back....don't have a clue how I found your blog but it is in my Google Reader so you popped up as soon as you posted! Have missed your blog, but had seen you post a comment on someone else's recently so knew you were still around. Glad you are back and look forward to your upcoming posts!

paula, the quilter said...

Howdy and welcome back. I also have your blog as a subscription in Google Reader.

Sarah said...

Glad to see you back, thanks to Google Reader.

Libby said...

So good to see you back . . . . and love the new name *s*

QuiltingFitzy said...

Yup, most of us who are on a time crunch use Google Reader! And there you are! (Mine is still dormant, lol.)

Glad to see you back, it'll be summer here for a few months yet, but it's the summer I prefer (one with temps with only 2 digits!).

What's on your sewing table???