Monday, May 04, 2009

Sympathy Berries

After the “Rocky Caper” involving DH’s ruined blueberry pie (see last post), pity was taken! Since California strawberries could be had for a ridiculous price this weekend at the supermarket (local berries not in yet), it seemed only nice to fix a little poundcake/strawberry/whipped cream delight for the sulking boy (DH—NOT Rocky!).


(DH tends to like a little cake, a lot of berries, and a truckload of whipped cream.)

And, wow, for THE BEST poundcake recipe—ever--


go here. A big thank-you to that blogger for the yummy recipe and a big thank-you to my 6-month-old KitchenAid mixer for the rather fiddly amount of mixing required (well worth it) to make this recipe so-o-o delish.


And the big bonus—the recipe makes TWO poundcakes, one for now and one for the freezer. This cake was so tasty, I even ate some plain!

Baby News: One of DH’s nieces is expecting her first baby in the fall. FUN! And a dear friend is gaining her second grandbaby this fall so….you know what that means. Baby sewing—always the most fun kind there is. Of course, there’ll be the “required” Snoopy dogs (see this post)


and burp cloths and bibs. Maybe a quilt or two?


Just look at this beauty in the newest issue of Quilts & More magazine. Waiting to learn of the sex of the babies to pick patterns.

Well, Monday ramblings will end with a salute to Mine That Bird


Thanks for the inspiration, Beautiful Horse.


Libby said...

That cake looks delicious! My Kitchenaid is in the repair shop this week - but I'll have to give the recipe a go when I get it back.

Wasn't that horse race something? I love when the underdog comes out on top *s*

Anonymous said...

Your strawberry topping looks like the way I like mine. I had some just a few days ago minus the cake, when one of the local grocers had a nice sale price on berries.

Roselie said...

Would love to make the Snoopy sock dog for a few new arrivals. Do you have a pattern?

p.s Love your blog

jacquie said...

the cake looks amazing....sorry about the blueberry pie...that's a cat with good taste! btw my mom got your entries for the quilt. thanks so much and good luck!!

sewprimitive karen said...

Oh, I hit the link for the Derby and forgot to come back to say thank you! I was busy with something and forgot to watch the race real-time so was so happy to find your link. Watched that several times trying to see where Mine That Bird was through the race; then I found the most breathless article about it in Sports Illustrated and WOW again what a race!!