Sunday, May 24, 2009

Baby Fun

DH’s niece is having her first baby in the fall.   Yippee!   I thought I had lots of time to make a quilt….BUT…the shower is in two weeks!!!  Due to scheduling conflicts among her friends and family, the shower had to be really early.   This may sound familiar.  The same thing happened to me two years ago (see this post) when I made a mad dash to whip up Kyle’s quilt.


So…yesterday I decided to make a quickie Eye Spy Match ‘Em Up type quilt for the new baby boy who is on the way.   I dug through my stash of novelty prints.   How much fun is that??  I have a tendency to buy those adorable fabrics with absolutely no idea in mind as to how I’ll use them.   Well, this should be perfect!   Most of the Eye Spy quilts I have seen have rather small blocks.   I decided to give Baby (and myself) a break and use 6” finished blocks.   And since I could, I cut two of each to make it a Match the Pairs game too.

EyeSpy&MatchQuiltSomehow I want to incorporate into the label what to find and what to match:  teddy bear, horses, butterflies, watermelon, farm, lunch boxes, crayons, chocolates, sheep, kids, cowboys, Dalmatian dogs, whales, baseball stuff, hen & chicks, frogs, monkeys, lemons & limes, flamingoes, cats and penguins.

This really looks busy but then, I’m sure Baby Boy will be busy one day too!   Here are a few of my favorite prints:





And on the I’ve-Gotta-Stay-Off-Attic24’s-Blog scene (it’s just too-o-o much fun over there) here is a cute way to spiffy up an old pickle jar.


Crocheted Jar Jackets!!!   Who’d a thunk?  I tell ya, that girl is a designing genius.  And what a great way to use up bits and bobs of yarn.  I just love all her colorful crochet goodies.   And now, she is into patchwork!   Give her a look.

Tomorrow is a day of remembrance.   Along with the barbecued brats, coleslaw, baked beans and strawberry pie, I hope to pause in reflection and think of all those brave ones who have served, are serving, and will serve in defense of our freedom.


Have a peaceful, safe and mindful Memorial Day!


sewprimitive karen said...

Match the pairs, that is such a great idea!

Carrie ~ said...

Cute idea for a baby quilt, Happy Memorial Day!

Tazzie said...

The fabrics are adorable Vera, and I love that it's a 'match the pairs' quilt. I have a tiny nephew that would love one of those quilts, so thank you for sharing.

Teresa said...

Very cute baby quilt! I do love the I Spy quilts.

Libby said...

What a fun quilt for baby - and even more fun when he's big enough to play along *s*

ForestJane said...

I think that quilt will be the hit of the shower. ;)

What color are you going to border it in? Almost everything will go.

Nana's Quilts said...

Cut as can be. I have been buying prints for an I-spy but mine is still in the 'folded fabric on the shelf' stage. Great idea.

And the strawberry pie - oh that sounds yummy. Save some for me.

Nana's Quilts said...

Of course, that was supposed to be CUTE as can be. Sorry about that.

anne bebbington said...

Two of each fabric to match the pairs - inspired!!!

Rachel said...

I LOVE the adorable fabric you have for this quilt! SO fun.

Anonymous said...

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