Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Somebody Stop Me!!!!

Crochet has its grip on me---BAD! But just look at this cute lion amigurumi

AmigurumiLionFront AmigurumiLionSide

Who could resist whipping this up? Hope Baby Boy Great Nephew likes it. (I’ll be glad when BBGN has a name!)

And crocheted flowers? Oh, my—so quick and so fun.


But I must concentrate on the quilt!!! Squares are all stitched together and I am auditioning borders.


I was thinking of a calming small print but nah, let’s stay with “busy” LOL! This cute number print caught my eye and I hope there is enough there for borders and backing. I’m thinking maybe I’ll have to put an inner border to stop those red squares from flowing right on into the red border! Maybe a bluish? Help, please.


vivi said...

i'm vivi from argentina; don't ask me how i came to visit you, i have been looking blogs for a while, and each one is most beautiful than another
i love crochet too, it's funny, and you can bring it wherever you go (thing that doesn't happen with patchwork always)
and know what? only yesterday i changed my blog look.. and used the same banner!
kisses! :)

sewprimitive karen said...

oh, the lion and flowers are so cute. I envy anybody who can crochet with ease, I like it but find it Immensely Difficult.

Carrie ~ said...

Very cute crochet lion you grand nephew will love it.
I think the lime green, in a flange, inside red border then the bright blue for binding!!! You asked!!

Mary said...

So cute! I love the little knit and crochet animals but haven't ever made any myself.

I see that Carrie suggest lime green first and that's exactly what I thought. Blue will blend in with the blocks too much I think.

AnnieO said...

That lion is absolutely adorable--so squat and playful! I like the flowers too, bright and cheerful. Will they be attached to something else? They would sure brighten up a sweater. I think the red border is great but maybe a dark inner border would be pleasing, like a deep navy blue or deep green.

Cheryl said...

The lion is too cute for words!!!!

Screen Door said...

Darling lion--- You sound like you are having such a happy summer!

Felicity said...

just wanted to say i love the lion!! he is so cute!!
felicity xx

Tazzie said...

Your crochet lion is adorable - just love it.
For your inner border, my first thoughts were a green or a yellow, as there isn't too much of either of those already in the quilt.

Kathleen said...

Your I Spy quilt is great! And I like the red border just the way you have it laid out. I think the red blocks next to the border look good... makes it a little off the wall and keeps with the busy, not neat feel. Busy prints & busy outer inner contrasting border might draw too much attention. But that's me!

Teresa said...

I used to do a lot of chrochet and seeing your cute lion sure does give the itch for a hook and yarn again, but I am almost afraid to pick it up. I have too many projects to finish!!