Friday, May 01, 2009

CSI Kansas City

Yesterday was our first trip for the season to a local farmers market. Of course, not much in the way of veggies there (except some gorgeous asparagus) but hubby was well rewarded. One of our favorite Mennonite vendors brings delicious homebaked goodies. DH spotted a yummy blueberry pie and bought it on the spot. Well, back at home, after having a slice or two, he dutifully wrapped it with Saran. Hmmm…apparently a midnight marauder decided to have a taste too.


You probably can’t tell from the photo (click for big to see better) but the Saran was broken into, juice was licked clean, and (here’s where the CSI part comes in…) purple pawprints were left at the scene!!! It was pretty easy to determine the culprit. Natasha’s, ahem, girth prevents her from jumping onto the countertop. But this naughty boy


can fly right up there! Rocky, you’re so busted!!! Not the cleverest of criminals to leave your pawprints at the scene of a crime, but at least you managed to get the purple off your tongue before morning.

And just to keep things even, here’s Natasha hoarding the remote control


as if to say, “I will decide what we watch tonight!!!” Who rules THIS household?

On the cloth and yarn front, I am still slicing away at the pyramid pile. Since I have found that I cannot rotary cut sitting down, I have been working on some crocheted hexie love during TV time


because these hands have to keep busy. Rainy days in KC are keeping me indoors. Here’s hoping for a bit of sunshine and a terrific weekend for all us Blogpals!


Sharon said...

That is just tooooo precious. I vary between my cat or the dog, but I sometimes think they partner up, the cat has her share on the counter, then knocks it to the floor for the dog :-)

AnnieO said...

One of our cats was making dents in the butter and leaving her own distinctive hair on the counter. Now we always have to make sure the butter dish is covered! That pie looks really good. Nice work on your crocheting. I can't rotary cut sitting down either--it bothers my shoulder after a bit!

Pen Pen said...

Very funny! Don't you just love our animals? My dogs would have done the same thing if they could jump on the counter. Too cute! I like your crochet hexagons... can't wait to see them all put together.

Libby said...

I just love the yarn hexes . . . . turns out I'm a fan of them in any form *s*

sewprimitive karen said...

Oh what funny cats. They're just like humans, wanting a snack and some TV.

The Calico Cat said...

My girl likes pie too... :o)