Monday, April 06, 2009

Odds and Ends Monday

Since April has proven itself to be “the cruelest month” these first six days here in KC, there seemed nothing better to do than stay inside and do a little of this and a little of that.

You may remember if you have read my blog for a few years (please say you have…) that my mini-group embarked on a year-long 5” square swap around 2005-2006.

This photo was taken after 9 months’ of swapping.9MonthsNickelSwap

Well, I really never had decided exactly what I wanted to use mine for, except that I was pretty sure I wanted it to be a “charm” quilt—one pattern piece. For years I have loved these 1000 Pyramid quilts (from a 1989 book Creative American Quilting)

1000Pyramids1 1000Pyramids2

and thought maybe these little nickel squares might work. After searching for an acrylic template that would fit snugly inside the fabric so as to keep waste to a minimum, I finally saw one on the Fons & Porter TV show. I promptly ordered it but it was back-ordered for several weeks. Wah-la, it finally came in the mail the other day


and I love it. It is adjustable and can make pyramids from 1” to 6”. This will be a great TV project in the evenings to sit with my smallish mat and rotary cutter slicing those little babies!

Another divine TV project is crocheting. While watching Changeling yesterday, in front of the roaring fire, I whipped out this little scrubbie and matching dishcloth as a quick gift for a friend I’m having lunch with later this week.


Doesn’t that flower made from a non-stick scrubber, some cotton yarn and a G hook just scream Spring? Such fun.

More crocheting…I have been wanting to crochet a Ripple afghan for the longest time and think I have FINALLY figured out how to do it. The pattern stitch is a piece of cake, it’s the counting that always messes me up LOL!!! So…..collecting some yarn and digging through the stash….


and deciding on this pattern (from a Lions Brand yarn book)…


I should soon be ready for another TV project. I am hoping to catch a good sale on the rest of the yarn I will need. My sewing machine is upstairs and most of my current quilty projects are machine-y, so I try to have some fun stuff to do while DH and I watch the tube in the evenings.

The temp is hovering at 33 degrees right now, the wind is fierce, and the skies are gray. I WANT MY SPRING---NOW!!!


Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims and Gardens said...

Oh that weather sounds just miserable. Its one thing to have cold weather, the wind makes it so harsh. I am so thankful, we have been blessed, hope it comes your way next. Those are some nice TV projects, a ripple afghan will be very fun. Just get the rythm of the counting. I made one when I was pregnant with my youngest child, it was fun.

Nana's Quilts said...

Oh my goodness, but you are very busy girl with more than a few projects out there waiting for you. I am with you on the shopping for souvenirs issue - fabric is a much more fun (and useful) collectible than one more thing that needs to be dusted. Thanks for posting all the photos. Loved to see them. I am a great train fan, so those were terrific. And the log house that seemed to be percherd on the edge of a hill/gorge - did you stay there? Great fun, no doubt.
Good wishes,

Lindah said...

Your sunflower scrubbie is very clever and pretty. It makes a perfect gifty set with the matching cloth. I'm going to look for those scrubbies, haven't noticed them here. I have a spare 20degrees I'll give you. That get you almost up to spring and would take me back to a more spring like temp. I am definitely not ready for our scorching summer temps yet.
Your afghan color scheme is gorgeous!

sewprimitive karen said...

We had miserable weather all day here in Atlanta, too, so cold and windy. The dogwood and azalea blooms are in a panic. Down to freezing tonight. Veeery strange for Georgia. I'm coveting that scrubbie.

Kim said...

What a good idea to make the Pyramid Quilt while waiting out Old Man Winter. I'm feeling the same way here in MN, tired of snow, not just cold. I'm spending some time working on quilts in progress while I dream of moving my sewing to the patio for the summer. Hang in there!

paula, the quilter said...

The single crochet ripple pattern is a favorite of mine. I've tried the dc but always end up ripping it out and doing a single. Good luck with yours.

Teresa said...

Good luck on your 1000 Pyramid quilt. I have been wanting to make one of these too and actually started one with my clubin a hand piecing class. I have had to set mine aside for a bit but plan to work on it eventually.