Friday, April 10, 2009

Eggs, Glorious Eggs


Over the past couple of years I have made a determined effort to, as much as possible, eat locally grown and produced food. It is a concept that was brought home to me after reading the wonderful Barbara Kingsolver’s book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Of course, there are so many things that the KC climate and locale cannot produce (lemons, bananas, shrimp,etc.) but there are so many things that can come from local farmers. I recently discovered these local eggs in my grocery store. They are beautiful—no Easter egg dye needed LOL!

browneggsbox browneggsnote

I love that they are from free-range chickens and that no antibiotics or hormones were used and that the hens were vegetarian fed. And each box contains a little note from the farmer telling a bit about what is going on at the farm that day. This sweet entry says, “Little calves are appearing beside their mothers in the pasture fields. The little lambs with their mothers are out for fresh air too—how cute they look; it is a sign of spring…” How precious is that!

Speaking of lemons (we were, weren’t we?) I found the most yummy lemon cake recipe here.

From these


to this….mmm.


The recipe is written in metric. I diligently googled the conversion chart but I have to tell ya, I came up with some pretty bizarre amounts in the American equivalents!!! Imagine my glee when I discovered that my Pyrex measuring cups had both the metric AND American amounts all lined out for me. Whew! Anyhow, made the luscious, lemony, light cake yesterday and it is GONE. So moist, so delish. I won’t post the recipe but hope you’ll click the link above--you won’t be sorry. Speaking of the link above (and we were, weren’t we?) Attic 24’s blog is one of my new favorites. A young mum in England, Lucy writes eloquently and entertainingly. She is a beautiful crocheter (one of my current obsessions) and has a Victorian home that is about 100 years old that she is doing wonderful things to. Check her out.

And, on the quilting front


this pyramid cutting station was set up in the kitchen. I had intended to do this in front of the TV in the living room in the comfort of an easy chair but find I have to rotary cut standing up!!! I pulled out a ton of the nickel squares and culled out whites, creams, and screaming brights. I am making two piles: darks and medium/lights as I cut. I’m trying to keep them in groups of ten (hence, the six-pointed star effect!) for ease in counting. I have to tell ya, the mini-rotating mat and the pyramid ruler are proving INVALUABLE! And, yep, that’s a Klutz glove you see there because, well, I am a Klutz!


Nana's Quilts said...

I hear ya! Yesterday I started cutting for a pattern I got from Germany. I adore it, but directions are either not there or are in cm's. So I'm using strips and then turning my triangle ruler, with tape marking the place to cut. A bit awkward but it seemed to work for first block.

Carrie ~ said...

3 things I love, Eggs, my chicken give me some, Your lemon cake looks so wonderfully good (food),
love your stack of pyramids, and choice of shades to keep, (quilts). I will take a peek at your shared link, sounds wonderful.

sewprimitive karen said...

Just love the notes in the eggs.

Libby said...

A note in the eggs about life on the farm . . . . it just doesn't get any better. What a special treat *s*

Julie in the Barn said...

Oh, I love that book. I can't wait for the return of our seasonal Farmer's Market! And I'm very tempted to get myself some laying hens like several other bloggers.

Lemon cake sure sounds good.

cathleen said...

Yes, Lucy's Lemon Drizzle Cake is divinely delicious!!! I made a couple of weeks ago. Just stopped in to say Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...