Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Little More On Tennessee

Karen   and Marne so kindly asked to see more photos of the trip to Tennessee.

Hope this works. I am still fumbling with Windows Live Writer!!!

I promised to give more info on the wonderful shops I stopped at on the trip and to show in more detail the greedy purchases souvenirs.

On the way down we made a quick rest break in Paducah. Paducah??? Say what? Isn’t there a sweet little fabric shop there whose catalog I drool over? Why, yes, that would be Hancock’s of Paducah.


I will almost always go for a nice bit of cream fabric since it seems as though I use it constantly for applique backgrounds so I picked up a yard. The darling little honeybuns are from the Flag Day Farm line by Minick & Simpson. DH is so funny in quilt shops! Something will catch his eye and he’ll insist I buy some. So this very patriotic fabric will most likely go into my Courthouse Steps project.


Then a stop in Chattanooga at a WONDERFUL shop called Lavendar & Lime just blew me away. The shop owner had a most gorgeous quilt using Charisma charm packs that I HAD TO MAKE! But, of course, she was out of the charm packs. Waaaa, waaa, waaa. I bought one jelly roll on spec and the book with the pattern (thought in mind: find those charm packs on the internet!!!) Which I did but opted to wait before ordering in case I found them elsewhere on the trip. As an aside, I must give a shout out to quilt shop ladies. Whenever we travel, we always work in a quilt shop or two and my husband never complains because we ALWAYS get the best info from quilt shop ladies!!! Anything from best place to eat lunch to historic attractions in the area to easiest routes. Gotta love quilt shop ladies. Beyonce should write a song…

On a tip from the Lavendar & Lime owner, we headed down to Chickamauga via her BEST route and stopped at a shop in Ringgold, Georgia, she recommended. Sew Bee It—fantastic!

FromSewBeeIt FromSewBeeIt2

I have been admiring the Louisa May Alcott book by Terry Thompson so I took the plunge. While waiting to pay, I saw Remembering Adelia which had just come in. This is by Kathleen Tracy, the lady who wrote those wonderful doll quilt books, American Doll Quilts and Prairie Children and Their Quilts. Even if I don’t make the quilts for Adelia, I have already loved reading the diary excerpts she had written during the Civil War. (I know this is a very lo-o-ong post, so maybe you’d like to grab a cuppa?)

In Sevierville, Tennessee, we found The Cherry Pit, another amazing shop. And wouldn’t you know, she had a shop sample made up of Charisma—and it was kitted!!!


I don’t have a photo of the quilt but I did buy the kit. I can either make the one I saw in Chattanooga or this one! And I supported local quilt shops. Yay, me!

This post probably sounds very materialistic (oops, bad pun) but honestly, when we travel, I’d rather have quilty souvenirs than t-shirts or cedar boxes. That’s my story and I’m stickin’…….


sewprimitive karen said...

The silly silly work filter won't let me go see your pictures, so I'll check them later. oo Cherry Pit is a cute shop and I never heard of Lavendar and Lime...Road Trip!

Mary said...

I live in Seymour, right outside of Sevierville, I shop at The Cherry Pit every weekend! I LOVE that shop!

Pedra said...

I would be glad to visit those shops too, but I leave really far.

Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing your trip with us. You picked up some very nice things and now I want to go and check out those shops.

AnnieO said...

This sounds like the perfect amount of quilt shop purchases to me!!!! I love Louisa May Alcott and was just thinking today about the old B&W version of Little Women, with Katherine Hepburn as Jo. I think the art director must have been a quilter because there are soooo many throughout that movie. They might even have been authentic as the movie was made in the 30's and the quilts would not quite have been antiques yet. Thanks for sharing your trip and goodies. Your DH sounds like a sweetheart!

julieQ said...

I am so glad you had valuable retail therapy! Seriously, I love all your fabrics, sounds like such fun to visit each shop with its own personality.

Anonymous said...

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