Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Every Day Is Earth Day

How glorious of Mother Nature to bestow upon Kansas City such a beautiful Earth Day. It is sunny and will reach the mid-70s later and best of all, the wind is calm.


Our plan to celebrate the day is to go “geo-caching” with friends this afternoon. It is our new hobby. While we are novices at it, our friends are pretty proficient and hope to teach us a few tricks. If you aren’t familiar with it, you can learn more on It involves using a portable GPS


to find secret “caches”. Coordinates are given at the website, along with a few hints and other tidbits. It’s a good way to get a bit of exercise by hiking and to explore areas you might not ever take a look at. All in all, lots of fun.

A very wee bit of sewing


took place yesterday. The fourth installment of the Kansas City Star BOM came in the Sunday paper. This one is called Whig Rose or “Rose For Julia” and honors Julia Ward Howe who wrote the Battle Hymn of the Republic in 186l. In 1869 she helped organize the American Woman Suffrage Association. I have really loved reading the snippets of history about women who were so instrumental in equal rights.


Here are the first four blocks. They will not appear in this order in the quilt. I do see that I need to jazz up the color scheme somewhat!

Hope you have a wonderful day—and go do something earthy!


Anonymous said...

Wow! your quilts are so beautiful! It has been lovely visiting your blog

Libby said...

What a beauty of a quilt *s*

AnnieO said...

I like the new (old) block designs. The colors look good to me, don't know why they need to be changed, but it's your quilt after all! Geocaching is my dad's favorite hobby and he has almost 1000 finds now. He and my mom took several cross country trips over the past five years and they cached all over. He making more of his own caches now--great fun!

Teresa said...

I like the use of the check in the flower - really stands out. I am going to get hubby a TomTom for father's day and hopefully we can start geo-caching too. I have some friends that are really into it and they seem to have a blast.

Anonymous said...