Friday, October 21, 2011

Gittin' All Cultured Up

Yesterday was one of those amazing fall days in Kansas City--mild temperatures, blue skies and gentle breezes. Perfect for getting together with an old friend for a day of laughing. We've been friends for about 45 years and though we don't get to see each other as much as we'd like, we seem to pick up right where we left off! Gotta treasure a friend like that. She asked would I like to go see the Rodin exhibit at the wonderful Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. Sure! It was very educational. I was amazed to learn that any bronze sculpture made from one of Rodin's castings is considered authentic. So while what we saw were not personally made by Auguste Rodin, the art was sculpted from his own castings. The pieces we saw were primarily from his Gates of Hell production, based on the Dante's writings.

Always a controversial "lawn ornament", the Nelson has several of these shuttlecocks on display. Why, I don't know!

As a kid growing up in Kansas City, annual school field trips always included a visit to the Nelson. And we were always greeted by this Rodin sculpture, The Thinker--probably his most famous work. And as kids will do, we giggled and blushed to see this naked man right there in front of us as we approached the magnificent building.

Well, that was enough culture for the day! So we then headed out to the Brookside area, a delightful old KC neighborhood. First stop was lunch at Julian's. The chef and owner there is Celina Tio. If you are a fan of Iron Chef on Food Network, you might remember that she competed last year and came in third!!! Pretty awesome. While we were eating our delicious lunch and enjoying a glass of HobNob red wine, Celina came by our table--twice! Always fun to have a celebrity-sighting. She is very personable. Then it was time to stroll the streets and visit the shops--and work off lunch! My friend was interested in finding a new houseplant and there were two shops with plenty to choose from. Brookside is a wonderful area and I often wonder why I don't go there more often!


sewprimitive karen said...

omg Vera the beautiful midwestern blue sky! Also a gorgeous photo of the shuttlecock: I can see one of those but why several lol. No photo of your lunch? :-)

Nana's Quilts said...

I love the shuttlecock - things that are whimsical, that you suddenly come upon, really make my day! Sounds like you had a fabulous time. We are "enjoying" northwest autumn/winter = rain! Alas.