Saturday, October 29, 2011

An Evening In the Country

Situated some 40 miles from KC is the tiny town of Rayville, MO, population 204. Gorgeous rolling countryside, pretty farms with horses, cows and mules watching the cars go by and home to Van Till Farm & Winery, this little burg was our destination for Friday evening.

A pair of beautiful matched mules, along with a sleek black horse, welcomed us from across the road.
Inside the winery we tasted a few wines. Grapes grown and wine made on the premises, delicious! Next we placed our order for pizza that would be cooked in this wonderful brick wood-fired oven.
Again--delicious!!! We ate our pizza paired with a semi-dry red wine and listened to mellow guitar music on the covered patio. It was a good way to wind down the week!

We had our "Wine Passport" stamped and purchased a bottle of Missouri Chambourcin to bring home.

The most amazing sunset ever--mauvey lavenders, rosy pinks, slatey grays and harvest golds--lit our way out past the vineyards.

Small family-owned wineries have been popping up all across Missouri. At first I wondered how grapes could be grown on a large scale here, given our harsh winters. Turns out there are several hardy varieties that flourish quite well. In fact, we even have a state grape--the Norton! Who knew? Also, prior to Prohibition, Missouri produced over two million gallons of wine a year, second in the nation in wine production. Missouri has over 90 wineries across the state--and growing! The Missouri Wine and Grape Board has provided a booklet for finding them all--and a passport to get stamped upon visiting. So many stamps in the passport=a small prize!!! So glad red wine is heart-healthy!


sewprimitive karen said...

What a great post; I love the matched mules. Don't forget the Door Peninsula Winery in Door County WI, love their wines!!

Melanie said...

I love this post. We did this labor day in Mackinaw City. We brought home Michigan wines for the next family holiday. Door County is on my list....