Friday, November 11, 2011

Eleven Eleven Eleven

So glad to see the number 11 getting a little respect today! Other than players on a football team, a lucky first roll of the dice and pipers piping, what else is special about 11? Well, today is ALL about 11!
It seems that 11's neighbors--10 & 12--get all the glory! Ten cents in a dime, 10 dimes in a dollar, 10 bowling pins, 10 fingers, 10 toes, Ten Commandments, 10 digits in a phone number, 10 hotdogs, Bo Derek's rating, basis for our number system, little Indians, Letterman's list. Twelve anniversary roses, 12 eggs in a carton, donuts in a Krispy Kreme box, days of Christmas, apostles, jury members, inches in a foot, signs of the Zodiac, highest grade in high school, hours on a clock face, knights of the Round Table, tribes of Israel...well, you get the picture! It is high time Eleven got its due! Maybe you can add to the list of things that come in elevens...

But of course, today the most important thing about 11 is Veterans Day. I so appreciate those who have served or are serving our country so that we can enjoy freedoms. To them and their families, I say Thank You, you are appreciated!

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