Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pudgy Bunnies

Well, now, have you ever seen a cuter pattern? I think not! Last week I was feeling the "itch to ditch" the snowmen decor. And to replace those frosty guys with chicks and bunnies and other promises of Spring. And what should I happen upon? Karen of
Sew Primitive's adorable Feedsack Bunnies pattern. Well, I immediately ordered it and it arrived Saturday afternoon (great service, BTW). I couldn't wait to dive into bunny love!!! I'm calling my version Pudgy Bunnies ('cuz that's how we're feeling around here after Valentine weekend).
Rocky, of course, was extremely helpful in the pinbasting department. He can hold those quilt sandwiches down with the best of 'em! And here's the quiltlet ready for handtacking the binding and hanging sleeve. I am purposely saving that handwork to do at my Thursday mini-group meeting.

Here's Block 2 of the Kansas City Star 2009 BOM. See that little gadget up in the right-hand corner? Another one of those must-haves in the sewing room. It's a Clover binding-making-thingamajig. I have those in several sizes--this one makes 1/4 " binding for stems and vines. Phenomenol invention.
This morning is haircut and color touch-up time so better head off to get dressed. Oh, and before that, I'm heading to the basement to haul up those boxes of bunnies and chicks and birdies, oh my.


sewprimitive karen said...

Oh, Vera, the Pudgys are darling! This is such a thrill to see my patterns come to life :-) .

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims and Gardens said...

Your chubbie bunnies are adorable, or is their bloomers that makes them look chubby. I would love to do the KC Star block, looks great.

Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

I like the color combinations you are using for Karen's bunnies. Maybe I could learn to quilt after all...I have six cats. Do you think that's an advantage?

Libby said...

Oh those Pudgy Bunnies are just so dear . . . . can't wait to see them made up *s*

Melody said...

I love those bunnies! Sew sweet!

Anonymous said...

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