Monday, February 09, 2009

Monday Misc

It's a pleasant morning here in KC! Fifty-six degrees and a little much-needed rain is on the way. The weekend was so spring-like too. Due to DH's fluish symptoms, we did spend most of it indoors resting and watching downloaded movies (Dark Knight, Secret Life of Bees, and Mamma Mia--all winners). I did steal a little sewing time. I finished Block 2 of Bunny Hill's precious A Tisket, A Tasket BOM. Can't wait for the next one. I am working on Block 2 of Gail Pan's Christmas BOM, Merry. Love both of these designers' work.

I did HAVE to purchase this Denyse Schmidt book Quilts after reading Tall Grass Prairie's discussion of improvisational quilting. (Waving at Jacqui!!!) I let her know what a bad influence she was LOL! It seems my quilting wants to flip-flop between traditional/folk art/scrappy and the edgier liberated style. Well, never a dull moment!

Bernie's back home now, sounding refreshed after her few days at the spa. While she was away, I tidied some sewing tools around her vacant area. I reflected on a few that are must-have gadgets: the bone folder (great for poking out corners), my iPod (soothing music to help me relax during free-motion quilting), Neutrogena (wonderful for giving my hands better grip while FM quilting), stiletto (an extra-long finger for feeding fabric through the machine), and longish tweezers (for pulling up bobbin threads at the beginning of a sewing line). What are your favorite sewing room gadgets? I'd love to hear!

While KC may be well-known for its fountains, Chiefs & Royals, the Country Club Plaza, the World War I Memorial, Nelson Museum, and the city where Harry Truman started his political career, it seems that we are more famous for our BARBEQUE!!! I have seen several spots on national TV lately telling about this new treat, the Bacon Explosion!!!! Seems that some KC-area dudes invented it and it is catching on like wildfire. Here's a link for those not afraid of cholestrol demons: Bacon Explosion.

On the subject of food, who'd a thunk you could have a free sample of sushi at Costco's???? It was downright tasty! There was seaweed, sticky rice, imitation crab and a few other unrecognizable tidbits.
Well, it's off to the grocery store--the cupboard is bare. Happy Monday!


Dear Beijing said...


Libby said...

I have seen the Bacon Explosion - can't imagine trying to recreate it . . . . let alone eat it *s*
Our springlike weather is gone for now. I'm loving the rainy days. I wonder if they will end up in your neck of the woods by mid-week?

Juliann in WA said...

So happy to see you back to blogging. Looks like you have some fun new projects brewing. I am ready for some spring like weather - anything other than freezing and wet - like 60 degrees and wet would be wonderful!

Screen Door said...

Great progress on the stitching... I can't wait for for some minutes to work on mine.

Teresa said...

I will be watching for your progress on the courthouse steps quilt. I too like the applique borders although I have not done one yet. Sure does look like fun!

jacquie said...

enjoy denyse's book! i always knew you had an edgy side under there somewhere! ah...the corruption continues!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

My God! That bacon thing is amazing - I had a look at the website and then sent it to my brother. Think of the arteries!