Friday, September 26, 2008

Slacker Checks In

What a blog slacker I've been! Don't know where the time goes. You'd think being retired would mean having nothing to do but play all day but you'd be wrong LOL! For some reason quilting mojo has been gone with the wind for me. I have projects awaiting me in the sewing room. Oh, brother, do I have projects awaiting me!!! But right now I can't seem to build up steam to get back to them. I have sewn a couple of throw pillows for the new couches, but they are not really blogworthy--just very functional. I am thinking about Christmas gifts and hoping that that will "light my fire". I so enjoy reading other bloggers' happenings and feel kinda guilty when I don't contribute. But guilt is not what blogging is about so X that thought right out! I did find an interesting quiz on another blog this morning:

Munsell Hue Test. Check your color IQ and arrange blocks of color by hues. Kinda fun in a stalling-tactic kind of way!

It looks to be a GLORIOUS weekend here in KC. The outdoors is calling so I imagine that quilting will still be on the proverbial back burner. It will be good to be away from the TV and all the dire news about investments and America's failing economy. Don't you just really feel helpless about all this? Sounds like a picnic may be in order. Nothing like eating your lunch outdoors among the birds and squirrels to push those nasty thoughts away. Nature's little critters don't seem the least bit concerned about 401K's and money markets!!!


Teresa said...

I scored a 12 - thanks for the link, that was fun.

Love your pumpkins!

Raedene said...

Scored an 8 - trouble with blue.
Very nice punkins. :o)
Ditto with the 401K.

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Love the fall quilts...and the holiday table. It looks wonderful.

Granny Lyn said...

I love your little punkin quilt! how adorable!

Funny thing about quilting mojo, it will come back with a venganc! So, be careful, your sewing mchine will need to be cleaned, and she needs a new needle, because once you get going, you wont want to stop!

jacquie said...

it's hard not to be outside around here...the weather is simply gorgeous. kinda gives you hope that all will be well (it is hard to watch the news these days).