Sunday, November 25, 2007

Woohoo Mizzou!!!

Love those Tigers!!!!
This blog will return to quilty content soon! Really.


dot said...

Very interesting game. I think Kansas just rolled over. I do Think Mizzou played a great game but where was Kansas?

Yummers! said...

Are you just a fan of Mizzou or did you go to college there? I graduated from Mizzou in 1965... Yes, I'm old!! But only in my bones. I went to William Woods College in Fulton Mo my first 2 years... so you know it??

Just back from Arizona and I am so tired. Maybe I'll blog tomorrow!?!?
Hugs, Joni

Kay said...

No reason to go back to quilty stuff when the Tigers are doing so well. I'm as old as yummers, a Missouri fan still although I feel so far away most of the time now.