Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Crying Uncle

Anyone else having problems with New Blogger--or is it just my computer? Have been trying all morning to get pix to upload, even tried through Picasa. It just isn't happening. I keep getting the "The page cannot be displayed" message. Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!


Patti said...

So sorry Vera! I can't help - knock on wood but I'm not having any trouble. I just use blogger itself to upload pictures.

Libby said...

Me, too. I have found that I have much better results when posting photos to go straight through blogger rather than Picassa - the exact opposite from before. I wish I knew what the magic touch was.

paula, the quilter said...

I use a photo hosting site (picturetrail) and bring them in via blogger. Have you checked the file size? I try to keep my files smaller than 250Kb.

Clare said...

I'm a bit behind the times again, but I have recently downloaded Picassa ands hate it for uploading photos. It's hardly speaking to Blogger. Best bet is to go direct and, if you have a slow connection, upload photos one by one. HTH

Rabbit Stitchings said...

I just came off about a 3 week run of blogger ouchies! I couldn't post at all, and I was not able to leave comments on other blogs, then finally on a attempt wha la it seemed good to go and has been since, go figure?

I love your crayon blocks!!!

Maureen said...

I was having trouble earlier this week too, could not download any photos for 2 days. Very frustrating especially because I was so excited to show off my Thrift Shop finds. I finally shut off my firewall and then was able to load photos right from my computer as I always do. (Size doesn't matter it seems.) At the height of my frustration I even signed up for Picassa thinking that would help but then it said Picassa is not set up yet to load to blogger. ? I also could not load a new link I wanted to put on my blog. But as of yesterday all was better...I'm usually on in the evening. Do love your blog KC, always enjoy your posts.

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