Saturday, July 08, 2006

Popping In

Blogger is NOT playing nice this morning!!! I don't have a quilty pic to upload but was going to put up a couple of Adorable Kitty pictures. But no, Blogger says "Done" when it really means "Not Going to Happen." So I will try again at a later time. Meanwhile, I am broken out in red splotchy/hivey type things. I have an appointment with an allergist Monday morning at 8:45. I am really hoping for some resolution to this problem!!! Hopefully he can at least help me temporarily as we leave Tuesday at the crack of 6 AM for Colorado!!! Then when I return, I am sure we will start the dreaded testing. However, I am actually looking forward to that---really want to get to the bottom of this ongoing problem.

Enough whining (well, for now anyway LOL). My quilting activities the last couple of days have been limited to ordering from Connecting Threads (a package of those Karen Kay Buckley circle/washer-looking things for applique, and a stencil burner pen for cutting out machine embroidered designs for applique), and printing off quilt patterns from the internet. Not comfortable enough in my own skin (pardon the bad pun) to focus on quilting. Till later.


Linda_J said...

Vera, I hope that you can get some relief--and soon. Has anything over the counter helped at all till you can get in to see the doctor? Benadryl orally, Caladryl topically?

Screen Door said...

Stay under the air conditioning...Hope you feel better quickly before your trip. If you feel like, gather together some hand work for the trip, I'll bet you'll be glad you did.

Bonnie said...

Sorry to hear about your skin problems. Is it stress?
No one told me, but I finally figured out that only .jpg files (pictures) will post. Could that be the problem?
Even when we can't sew or quilt, we can always gather patterns from the Internet - or shop. For that we can be thankful.

ForestJane said...

*scratches in sympathy*

Hope you get it cleared up soon!

Mary said...

good luck with figuring out the cause. I had hives for 3 months last year and they were never able to figure out why. They treated me with multiple courses of steroids and eventually they went away - for now.

Finn said...

Oh my, that sounds painful..hope they can find out what's at the bottom of it and get you all better.
Allergies are such weird things, trust me, I know..LOL
I think printing off patterns and ordering quilt stuff is a fine way to spend a day..*VBS* Feel better soon!

Judy said...

When I was about 10 I had an allergy test done at the local air force hospital. They marked on my back from 1 to 50 (i think) with ink pen and then stuck me with a pin prick at each place to see what I would be allergic to. I also had 5 needle shots under my forearms of the big guns I think.

I was allergic to dust, that old polyfill in stuffed animals, ragweed, and about 5 others that I can't even remember!!

Hope you get relief soon!