Monday, January 23, 2012

Toe In The Water

Well, well, well, doesn't that calendar just gallop right along! It hasn't really felt like Winter here in KC......yet. I have a feeling that is about to change. seemed like time to get moving on some handwork. in the fireplace, cup of Calm herbal tea, and yarn. Bring it, Mother Nature.

I decided to dust off the ole' crochet hooks and flip through some books for inspiration.

Of course, there were trillions more books and internet sites that I devoured. Blogger has been dealing fits with photo uploads this morning, though, so I'm just putting up a few. Have so fallen in love with the little amigurumi crocheted critters but haven't completed the polar bear I am working on. I think I'll have to go down to a smaller hook as it is coming out MUCH larger than I think it should be.

So I fiddled around with some other quicky projects to get the crochet rhythm goin': a Valentine coaster (and who doesn't need one of those???),

a fun crocheted hotpad,

a Valentine garland for the mantle,

and a stripy warm afghan! This blankie is so much fun to work on. Don't know any project that can be as soothing as a predictably repetitive and rhythmic crocheted afghan. I like that once the logistics are worked out in my mind, I can just crochet along without referring to a pattern.


Pen Pen said...

You've had very busy fingers! I like your little heart garland and the new colors for your afghan!

Carol said...

you are probably going to get all kinds of inquiries about patterns.....that first cup with your crochet hooks is just wonderful. and love the heart. would love to know where I could get the patterns. all are adorable.

Nana's Quilts said...

I love my machine and sitting behind it, but there is much to say for "hand work". Been doing some embroidery. Great job.

Libby said...

I have often wished I could crochet. My mom was REALLY good at it and tried in vain to teach me . . . but my hands just become useless when I put a hook and yarn in them :-(

Caroline said...

Love all the projects and the colors on the afghan are going to be great!