Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It’s Here! 2010 KC Star BOM!!!


This morning’s paper brought a delightful surprise!   A folk-arty, primitive style of quilt for the annual block-of-the-month, Across the Wide Missouri.   And the bonus—it is a quilt reflecting life on the frontier!   What could be better?  It is a charming quilt with lots of history of my native state thrown in.   The first installment features a short story of Luzena Stanley Wilson whose husband had caught “gold fever” and packed up his family in 1849 to head west for Sacramento, California.  The treacherous trip took three months and Luzena discovered much more than gold…..

The designers of this wonderful quilt are Edie McGinnis and Jan Patek, two area favorites.   Here is the first very prim block, with the one on the left by Edie and the one on the right by Jan.

 KCStar2020Block!Looks like a good way to charge through "the winter that won’t quit" here in Kansas City! 

Another great way to weather out the winter?



Build a snowman!!!!  Neighbors across the street constructed this amazing Snoopy Snowman in their front yard.   Isn’t he just the most darling snowman EVER??!!!   Love him!

Or-r-r,  there is still another way to fight the winter blahs around here:


Natasha In Repose


Rocky Following Suit

It’s a cat’s life……sigh.


Kathie said...

Lucky you being able to get the pattern in your newspaper
your right it looks like a great quilt!
love the log cabin houses too.
the snowman is adorable!
so are the kitties

WoolenSails said...

That looks like a fun BOM to do, doing a bit of patek tonight on a new project.


Sharon said...

This looks like a great BOM! I said no more until I put together all the blocks from previous BOMS...but this is tempting! Hope you are stitching on these dreary days!

Nana's Quilts said...

You go girl! Wonderful new BOM and admiring neighborly snow dogs - sounds pretty good to me. I awoke really early and started sewing but may look like the cat a bit later this morning. :-)

Libby said...

What a grand quilt - while I'm terrible at keeping up with BOM's this might just be one for me to investigate a little further *s*

gamawinkie said...

the snoopy snowman is adorable! wish our paper had something like the BOM! good luck...

Anonymous said...

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julieQ said...

Love that pattern from KCS. Your neighbors snowman has red, red nubbins for hands, looks pretty cute to me. Cute kitties, too!

Pen Pen said...

Beautiful quilt... love Snoopy dog! The kitties have the right idea.... snooze it away!