Sunday, October 04, 2009

Tiptoeing Back In…

It has been said that life is what happens when you’re making plans. Oh, boy, so true. Thanks to the readers who expressed concern. I am trying to get “on with it” so thought I would start back into blogging with a post about those wonderful Gee’s Bend quilters. In case you haven’t heard their story, there are wonderful posts on the internet. Here’s just one:

Last Sunday DH and I traveled about an hour and a half to a charming small town, Marshall, MO, to a quilt show where the Gee’s Bend quilts were being featured. Three of the quilters were there in person, along with about 15 of the quilts.


It’s hard to look at these works of art and not reflect on the influence they’ve had on today’s “modern” quilts—whether intentional or not. I see so many designs on the internet and in books that could easily have been in the Gee’s Bend collection. Here are some I was privileged to see.






Quilt6 Quilt11

Their appeal to me is in the functionality and utility. It was so fun to see how they were able to incorporate scraps and pieces of fabric in comforts for their families. Nothing appeared to be off limits—leftover corduroy from a Sears plant, husbands’ work shirts snippets, whatever they could get their hands on! To the uninformed, these quilts might not be appreciated. To me, they are what quilting is all about. They are expressive works of art with a very necessary purpose.

If I have not commented on your blog in a long spell, please forgive me. I will try to do more of that!


Gretchen said...

Welcome back! Missed your posts! The Gee's Bend quilts are wonderful. I saw a lot of them at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta a year or so ago.

Lorraine said...

Welcome back....I do hope all is well with you.........thanks so much for sharing the Gee's Bend quilts - I will do some research and check out some more along with their history.....they certainly look interesting!

Libby said...

I'm so glad to see you posting again - you've been on my mind and I've missed seeing what you are up to *s*

Sharon said...

Welcome back, what a great post to see. Those quilts are truly amazing. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Pen Pen said...

Welcome back!!! Loved the photo's of the Gee's Bend quilts.

paula, the quilter said...

I've missed seeing what you've been up to. Welcome back!

Kathleen said...

So good to see you back. Thanks for sharing the pics. How wonderful that you were able to see them in person.

Teresa said...

Its so nice to see a post from you again, and thanks for sharing the pictures. I know these quilts are famous, but they just don't appeal to me. Maybe I need to see them in person. I do appreciate the utilitarian nature of them and the vibrant colors.