Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Not I, Said the Duck

I can’t imagine having a hubby who a) CAN cook and b) WILL cook. But Sista’s DH does both! A few days ago he sent me a bag of mushy stuff:AmishBreadStarter

Doesn’t look much like bread, does it? It was the beginning of Amish Friendship Bread. Years ago I kept a Sour Dough Starter going for a lo-o-ong time. When it became a hassle to “babysit”, I finally threw it out. But if memory serves, it did make delicious bread. So I decided to play along with this new starter stuff. After ten days of mushing and adding ingredients, the day came to bake it off:


Two loaves! One to eat today and one to freeze!!!


Very tasty! A lot like cinnamon bread. Now, what to do with the new baggies of starter it created! Much like the Little Red Hen, I think it will be hard to find “takers” who will want to mess with it. Think I’ll start with a couple of unsuspecting neighbors…

Baby shower gifties are DONE DONE—and a bit early! Since I can’t attend the shower due to a prior commitment, I’ll get them delivered tomorrow to the granny-to-be and she’ll take them to the shower for me.



And from the “I’m Just Sayin’” department, could anyone greet the morning with these beauties looking back and not feel a smile creep around the lips?



Even after being beaten down by a huge rainstorm we had yesterday, they just keep going!


sewprimitive karen said...

Oh doesn't that bread look good. I did the same thing for years and years, baby-sat sourdough starter in the refrigerator. It made heavenly bread. I guess it must have had some terrible refrigerator accident finally.

Carrie ~ said...

Yummy bread! I did the AFB years ago and it was easier than sourdough, sweeter though!! Good luck with finding takers, if not just bake it up, you will find takers for a loaf of sweet bread.

Nana's Quilts said...

I got a bit befuzzled and cooked all of mine, so don't have any starter for Amish Bread. One of these days I must try to begin it, again. I do love it. Great going.

Teresa said...

I used to bake that bread and it is absolutely wonderful. My family would almost start eating it before I could get it out of the oven.

julieQ said...

The beginning product looks so daunting...but the finished bread looks so good!! yum!

Libby said...

I was just reading up on sourdough starter a couple of weeks ago. Procrastination has paid off . . . I'll now wait until after the move to give it a try *s* The bread looks yummy!