Monday, October 27, 2008

Channeling Goldilocks

The very chilly, very windy days we're having in KC right now almost demanded comforting soup. This recipe, which is a compilation of several in the recipe box, is my absolute favorite potato soup recipe.

Peel and cube 1 very, very large potato or 2 medium. Put in a dutch oven. Throw in about a cup of chopped yellow onion and about a cup of chopped celery. Cover with lo-sodium chicken broth and bring to a boil. Cook till the veggies are tender, then mash a little bit--right in the dutch oven. Add 8 ounces sour cream and 1/2 pint heavy cream and 1/2 cup grated Vermont cheddar cheese. Add a pinch of Kosher salt and a few grinds of fresh black pepper. Cook on low heat till well mixed. (If too thick or dry, add more chicken broth. I always need to.) Mmm..mmm.. yummy. It was just right. And like Goldilocks, we ate it all up. Double the recipe for a family of more than two!!!
The perfect accompaniment was this delish Parmesan Pine Nut Bread (from the Better Homes and Gardens Bread Machine Baking book).

In the bread machine pan put 1 cup milk, 1 egg, 1 T EVOO. On top of that add 3 cups bread flour, 1/3 cup grated Parmesan, 1 t Italian seasoning, 1/2 t salt, 1/4 t sugar and 1/3 cup pine nuts. Kinda spread the dry ingredients with your finger to cover the liquids. Make a little well in the center of the dry ingreds and add 1 t bread machine yeast. Finish according to your bread machine instructions. Mine takes about 3 hours and 50 minutes for this 1 1/2 pound loaf, set to "extend rise". So tasty.

Yesterday here in KC we lived that lyric from "Oklahoma" that went....'the wind comes whippin' cross the plains.' The umbrella on our deck table was lifted up and carried to the ground below, ala Mary Poppins. Leaves were blown so hard that they clogged up the pond pump box. Neighbors' Halloween decorations in their yards looked pretty frazzled.

I love how the local grocery stores have gotten into autumn with their store front displays. It almost makes grocery shopping fun to be greeted with all this color and whimsy.


jacquie said...

this is so what i'm doing this week too...soup (lots of it) and homemade bread. this looks wonderful!
love your pics of the pumpkin signs...i needed a giggle at this time of day!

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims and Gardens said...

Your soup and bread sound delicious. Oh I hope you are still in for some warm autumn days. Your grocery store is really in the fall spirit, the signs were so fun. Thanks for sharing and giving me a chuckle.

Gail said...

Oh, YUM!! I'm going to have to try those recipes-just when I was going to try to get back on track with dieting.....Bad You!! It's all your fault, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Ali Honey said...

I like to try making different bread, so as soon as I get some pine nuts I will try yours. Thanks.

julieQ said...

Yummy potato soup! This one is my son's favorite...I love the Punkin patch!