Saturday, May 17, 2008

Inside and Outside

Time for a little update on what's been happening around here this week. Inside: I finished the binding on Cotton Candy (I STILL do not like this quilt, but it will work for a picnic quilt or a cuddleup quilt), Farmers Market BOM with the newest cherry block, a doggie tug toy made for my new "niece", sister's beagle Bailey (so simple to make, directions below) and tissue holders I am working on for the Guild's Boutique.

To make a doggie tug toy, cut 3 strips of fleece (easier on doggie's teeth) about 4" wide from selvage to selvage. Lay the strips together and tie a knot. Braid to desired length, maybe 20 or 22" for a small dog and 25 or 26" for a large dog, then tie off the other end. Trim edges to same length and fringe. Easy, no? And of course, the colors of fleece are endless. Coordinated doggies rule!!!
Outside: Kansas City has finally lifted its death grip on winter and allowed spring temps to enter---yay! So a bit of planting can begin. I put in a few tomato plants. I am trying a new variety (well, only new to me) Celebrity. It is more bushy than viney so should look a little tidier as it grows. I've had to move my tomatoes and herbs up near my house as the outer part of the yard has become more and more shady--not a bad problem, just an adjustment. This little plot gets full sun and used to hold perennials. Since the mysterious rash that the allergist could not explain, I have had to do away with most of my perennial gardening. Oh, well, tomatoes will taste better than honeysuckle vines and turtlehead flowers. Next photo is of my first bloom of iris for the season. These were moved about a year ago and I wasn't sure if I'd get blooms this spring. So happy to see them. Last pic is of a sweet little container, preplanted, that is happily sitting on my sunny deck. Hopefully this week I can fill a few pots and plant some annuals around the pond. I know I should stay out of the yard but I just cannot seem to do that!!!!


jovaliquilts said...

It's so hard to finish a quilt and not like it -- I hope it grows on you!

The Farmer's Market BOM is really cute.

quiltmom said...

I think that the quilt is quite lovely- the colors are pretty and I really like the floral border. Sometimes one has an idea what a quilt will look like and it doesn't turn out the way we had imagined it to be- perhaps it will grow on you.
Its nice to see spring isn't it- Here in Alberta we are having a gorgeous weekend -it is warm ( nearly 30 centigrade _ I think that is about 80 + fahrenheit) My irises haven't bloomed yet but they are coming along. I hope to go and get a couple of pots for the front deck this weekend.
Your farmer's market quilt is really a fun quilt.
Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

Jacquie said...

I'm sorry you don't like it...I sure do. It's lovely. Isn't the weather gorgeous here. I spent the whole day outside weeding, trimming, planting, mulching. I'm sore, but satisfied!

Crazy for Primitive Quilts & Gardens said...

Love your gardening! Iris are very tough. You can divide and conquer them all the time :o)

I love your Farmers Market quilt! So cute.

Libby said...

That tug toy is a great idea . . . we have gotten the kind they sell at pet stores made of rope. It's never a good thing to be on the loose end of that thing *ouch*
Glad to hear the weather is finally cooperating . . . enjoy your time in the garden *s*

Greenmare said...

I love the food blocks! too cute! and your plants are lovely! yeah spring!!

Cheryl said...

Nice to find your blog again. I remember a while back posting on your blog but guess I didn't bookmark you. Sometimes for me I find if I step away from a project a while and come back I am happier with it. I think your quilt is wonderful.

Karen said...

Your "Farmer's Market" is progressing nicely. I have printed out the patterns but that's as far as I hve gotten.

Maddie Can Fly said...

I'm trying the Celebrity for the first time also. Supposed to be a sweet, juicy eating tomato. I have about 8 flowers/buds on mine. (I am on the Kansas side, about 45 minutes from you).